Poeta Center

The POETA Program (Program for Employment Opportunities through Technology in the Americas) is the result of the alliance formed between Microsoft, the Organization of American States (OAS), Trust for the Americas and La Salle University.

They are Inclusive Digital Opportunity Centers, which offer training in the use of Information Technology and Communication tools. They contribute to improving the quality of economically disadvantaged sectors of the population, and with the recognition of Adapted Technologies, allow people with physical disabilities to make use of the technical resources, complemented by qualified trainers to work with this population. The centers are equipped with computers, Internet access and some basic elements of Adapted Technologies. About 50% of the target population who benefit from these programs, experience some form of visual, physical or motor disability. Low-income youths were added to this group.

La Salle University POETA Center is the second center that is open in the country and is the first one in Mexico City; it is located in the Community Development Center in Santa Lucia.


  • Programas de computación
  • Computadoras adaptadas con software especializado

Centro de Desarrollo Comunitario Santa Lucía.
Av. Tamaulipas #3 Colonia Garcimarrero.
Unidad deportiva La Salle Santa Lucia.
Teléfonos: 56021019 y 56021290


  • Galería Centro Poeta

  • Galería Centro Poeta