La Salle refers to the professional university activity as “research,” which enjoys broad social prestige, a long and complex process that allows for the search for truth. In day-to-day campus life, research is the foundation of La Salle University’s Mission and the primary reason for fulfilling the objectives of a holistic culture for its students and the attainment of the La Sallian Educational Mission.

Research in the Educational System of La Sallian Universities (SEULSA) is oriented toward the systematic and creative pursuit of knowledge on the frontiers of nature, humankind, culture, society and their interrelationships, as well as the implementation and evaluation of this knowledge and technologies.

La Salle University aims to foster the creation and application of knowledge—through research, development and innovation—to topics relevant to institutional progress. Promote the attainment of collaborative sustainable projects and/or the innovative application of knowledge that results in providing pertinent and quality solutions to relevant local and global social and economic problems, establishing ties with diverse national and international economic and social players.


La Salle University has 14 Research Groups, known as Development and Innovation (GI+D+i), in which researchers, full and assigned professors, students and external collaborators participate...


La Salle University has ascribed 26 researchers of which 11 belong to the National System of Researchers.


La Salle University is developing 30 research projects from July 2013 to June 2014. • Six in the area of Health Sciences • Seven in...