La Salle University is committed to the formation of caring and participative professionals, able to become agents of change in both local and global surroundings, toward and from the most needy, through the pursuit of truth in order to build a more just and fraternal society.



La Salle is well-known as an all-inclusive educational community, based on a model of comprehensive culture and with a pedagogical relationship of excellence between faculty and students. Through flexible and innovative programs with local and global impact, this approach produces competent professionals who are socially aware and responsible, while serving the Community with efficient and effective management.



La Salle University, is aware of the significance of institutions of higher education institutions, conveys by means of this Ideology its philosophy and the general objectives to serve Mexican society.
  • Inspired by the Gospel, La Salle University believes that man is the image of God and expresses with hope its faith in the creative force of all human beings, in their determination to establish justice and love, in their capacity to harness nature and in their desire to generate, spread and conserve traditional values.
  • La Salle University gives priority to the integral formation of the university student; convinced that through its alumni, it will contribute effectively to the transformation of society. This goal is obtained by careful attention to all aspects of each student’s personality which lead to complete self-fulfillment.
  • La Salle University aspires to be a dynamic force, capable of contributing to the direction of our society. It works hard at preserving, extending and increasing the cultural heritage of our country and the world. It is attentive to the needs and demands of a society in which many changes are required to establish greater justice and achieve peace.
  • La Salle University foments genuine community spirit both inside and outside of its campuses. Through this spirit, it hopes that its students will achieve their full human stature by dedicating themselves to common goals in order to exercise their freedom of ideals and actions in the community.
  • The socio-economic, political, cultural and spiritual reality of our country is a constant call to service. La Salle University, convinced of the responsibility of those who are privileged to have a university education, looks on a university career as service to our fellow citizens who are less fortunate..