La Salle University is an international and innovative institute of higher learning, socially responsible with humanist values and a forward-looking vision founded on more than 50 years’ experience educating principled professionals of the highest standards.

The educational model of La Salle University has been honored by the Ministry of Public Education conferring the title of University of Excellence with National Leadership. The university has also met the accreditation standards of the Federation of Private Mexican Institutions of Higher Education (FIMPES) and each content area (curriculum) is recognized by the relevant accrediting body, which certifies the quality of the administrative, academic, formative and academic-administrative processes.

We are part of the La Salle Universities Network, with 15 locations in Mexico and of the worldwide organization of La Salle Universities with 76 universities. Our educational philosophy is based on the charisma of John Baptist de La Salle, who revolutionized education when contemplating the development of each and every one of the aspects of being human.

La Salle maintains important academic, research and extension ties with more than 100 domestic and foreign universities and are members of the most important national and international educational and professional associations.

La Salle University trains principled professionals of the highest standards, enhancing their potential to provide innovative solutions that transform Mexico and the world with responsibility and social commitment.

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