Welcome to University Las Salle! You can become part of our community by participating in a Student Exchange Program for one or two semesters, as a volunteer, doing internships in short customized courses or by taking Spanish and Mexican culture classes.

Requirements for studying in Mexico

3. Medical Insurance 4. “Student visa is not required for one semester. Students fill out a Multiple Migratory Form, at point of entrance, valid for 180 days. If coming for two semesters, students must get a student visa in their country, and request a Non-Immigrant Form within the first 30-days of arrival in Mexico”.  

Exchange Students

National Student Exchange Program – La Sallista Network – Association of National Universities and Institutions of Higher Education (ANUIES) Network. International Student Exchange Program – Bilateral Agreement: Cooperation agreements signed with other institutions depending on your field of study.


Master International Management a program that originated in Europe, offers participants a multicultural academic environment and experience in international business.

Volunteers, internships and short programs.

You can be a volunteer, doing social services in community centers. Participate in a short term study program with your institution or apply for an internship in companies related to your area of study.

Spanish classes

Courses which offer comprehensive language and cultural learning, small groups, functional-conversational method. All levels.

Calendars, semesters

Semesters last 16 weeks


Student residency Lic. Fernando Durazo fernando.durazo@ulsa.mx (5255) 5278 9500 x. 3052

Universidad La Salle


Cost of living

Housing: From US$ 350 to 450 a month. Meals: Approximately US$150 a month. Four dollars per meal. Public Transport: Approximately US$50 a month. In Mexico City the climate is moderate, chilly in the morning and at night and very warm during the day, generally May is the hottest month of the year and January the coldest.