Train doctoral graduates with a humanist vision and the skills to conduct research in their corresponding educational field as well as with the capability to design, implement and evaluate programs and projects aimed at the understanding of phenomena and/or resolving educational problems in order to contribute to the achievement of greater relevance, equity and quality of education within a framework of ethical principles and social responsibility.
OResearch Program Objectives: Innovation of Educational Processes
Design, implement and evaluate educational innovation projects in the following areas:
a) Learning processes and their correlation with cognitive, emotional and social development, and
b) Teaching processes and their characteristics through mentoring, counseling and management practices in educational institutions, thereby contributing to the attainment of greater relevance, equity and quality of education in institutional, curricular and schoolroom contexts and in the learner-educator relationship.
Research Program Objectives: Education in the Global Context
Prepare conceptual and methodological proposals to explain, understand and resolve educational problems recognized by various types of institutions and deriving from the transformations produced by globalization and its processes, especially those related to:
a) Higher education and its relationship with development, from the perspective of international education,
b) Policies for higher education as defined by national and international agencies, and
c) Development and the socio-educational impact of information and communication technologies (ICTs).